Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is Audrey II, from Little Shop of Horrors.  Kinda.  He's not supposed to be nearly this vicious-looking until he's bigger, but OH WELL.  This guy is (what I think is polyurethane foam... could be wrong.  It's whatever the hell they sell at Jo-Anns), covered in rubber latex.  I'm kind of at a standstill with him because I'm trying to get ahold of the right ingredients to make me some PAX paint.  When he's done though, IDEALLY, he would be one of those types where you have your hand in the puppet, and a fake hand/arm attached so that it looks like you're carrying him around in his little pot.   : D  We'll see how that goes.

This one isn't anything particularly impressive, I was just dickin' around with some really basic mechanisms (and I do mean basic... cardboard, tape, rubber bands, thread, and a plastic straw).  Twoey will probably have some kind of mechanism in his.. hand... leaves....

I've been watching a lot of Henson stuff lately, if it's not apparent.  My sister actually made a pretty impressive replica Cookie Monster which we puppeteer'd at a New Years party (he's a "sack" puppet so he requires two operators).  The house had a mini-bar which made for an excellent stage, and I poured a shot for some guy.  Maybe I can upload some of that poppycockery later on.  
But in the meantime, you should check this out:

It's a pre-Sesame Street, proto-Cookie Monster which was used in an IBM training video, and in a sketch on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Pretty funny stuff.  And he has TEETH.
And there's explosions.  So there's that.