Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ball Under Layer

I didn't necessarily follow these as concisely as I probably should've. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Incremental #1

The first few poses were a bit frustrating from the angle I was at, because the model was basically moving towards me....  I was hesitant to start moving her further to the left on the page, because that wouldn't be accurate to how she was moving through space at my angle.  But it ended up working out relatively okay, I think.  I just told myself to get over it and keep going!
I also have a much huger deal of respect for models now.... she held great poses and she held them well.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Incremental Sample #1

I prrrroooobably haven't been doing as many incremental drawings in the morguebook as I should.  But I draw them in my notes for other classes all the time, so I've been cutting out chunks of my notes and pasting them into my morguebook.  It's not a full walk cycle, but I thought it looked fun at least.
Beneath it are just some arbitrary notes about character. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010


If you don't want to see it evolve, just hold down B.

Metamorphosis from Erica Wester on Vimeo.
Overall, this was pretty fun.  I feel like the moving through space parts could've been smoother.... plus with the 'favorite place locally', I ended up going outside and over my balcony, which kind of gave me some slightly wanky perspective.  I typically didn't spend much time on them, because I tend to think of scenery as background, and I tend to draw/color more impressionistic backgrounds.  So it just looks like a bunch of messy lines.
The 'favorite place growing up' movement was kind of interesting, because this past weekend, I went back home to visit, and coincidentally, I ended up at aforementioned favorite place.  The whole arcade was entirely moved around, remodeled, different games, no prize redemption table, no clerks to be seen....  but, interestingly enough, the DDR machine was in the same exact spot.  (It was a newer version of the game though), but it was kind of comforting to see that it hadn't moved, despite the rest of the environment having changed. 
The actual metamorphosis was really fun.  I think I could've (and probably should've) gone a little crazier with it, or at least put a few more frames in there, because most of it goes by pretty fast (there's some fish in there, for instance, and I thought they were totally cool when they first showed up, but they left just as quickly as they came!)
I'm still relatively satisfied with how it turned out.  It was interesting to see what kind of things came out of it, because I've never animated something unplanned before.