Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walk Cycle with Character

Walk Cycle with Charactter from Erica Wester on Vimeo.

Metamorphosis Remix, "The Metamorphosis of Some Things and Stuff"

Metamorphosis Remix, "The Metamorphosis of Some Things and Stuff" from Erica Wester on Vimeo.
Hope this works.  I'm not about to wait 2 damn hours for vimeo to convert these things.  So I just pasted the link location into the embed code for one of my other videos.  It's not a bad idea IN THEORY... but then again so is communism. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Visual Research 1

I'll admit, these were taken haphazardly (and regular hazardly!) while driving.  While my reasoning for this was actually because I didn't get the chance to go out and take any photos, I actually started taking cel-phone-driving-pictures a few years ago, because I see a lot of interesting compositions while I'm driving.  So... it kind of worked out I guess.  I got some interesting shots I think, just driving from the school to my apartment.

 Not sure what happened here.  The image is all warped and bubbly.... it might've been 'cause I wasn't holding the phone still, but it seems more likely that it would've just been blurry if that were the case.  Whatever is going on there, it's sorta trippy.   
 There's a stop light up ahead that makes a nice red dot right on the vanishing point. 

Hammer time!