Friday, October 8, 2010

Visual Research 1

I'll admit, these were taken haphazardly (and regular hazardly!) while driving.  While my reasoning for this was actually because I didn't get the chance to go out and take any photos, I actually started taking cel-phone-driving-pictures a few years ago, because I see a lot of interesting compositions while I'm driving.  So... it kind of worked out I guess.  I got some interesting shots I think, just driving from the school to my apartment.

 Not sure what happened here.  The image is all warped and bubbly.... it might've been 'cause I wasn't holding the phone still, but it seems more likely that it would've just been blurry if that were the case.  Whatever is going on there, it's sorta trippy.   
 There's a stop light up ahead that makes a nice red dot right on the vanishing point. 

Hammer time!

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